Air Hygiene. Invisible yet critical.

We now know that the main route of transmission of COVID-19 is through the air via respiratory aerosols expelled by coughs, sneezes, talking and breathing – from person to person and onto surfaces and hands. Clean air is essential to stop the spread of respiratory infections in working environments and maintain health and wellbeing. Portable air purifiers that filter out pathogens and pollutants from the air are an easy solution for companies to install on their premises.

Our latest whitepaper is packed with information and guidance on why your business should be enlisting air hygiene in the fight to protect health, safety and wellbeing, and ensure that your employees are better protected.

Your local experts at Initial Hygiene can help guide you on how to secure your business.

What's inside:

  • Airborne germs in a confined environment
  • Managing air hygiene for greater safety
  • The importance of air filtration as part of a hygiene strategy
  • Choosing portable air purifiers for your business
  • How Rentokil Initial can help